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Wardrobe styling is to help our clients to decide what clothes work well with their personal styles so our clients can always look their best. We are responsible for making sure our clients are dressed in stylish clothing that’s appropriately tailored and up-to-date with the most current fashion trends. This also includes shoes and accessories.

We will assist you in choosing and putting together clothing, accessories and footwear and to help you define your personal style and choose different outfits to suit that style. We will also offer to help clients understand the basics of putting together a look that works for them. Our goal is to encourage you to find a personal style that makes you look your best.

This is how it going to work:

First we will discuss your likes and dislikes, what type of style you like or what style you would like to try out and then we will discuss colours that suits you the best. We will take your measurements so we know what clothes will suit your body and of course with your permission, we could go through your current wardrobe and assess which items can stay and which items must go.

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Modest Fashion Stylist of the highest calibre. If you want confidence in your style, you've come to the right place. I specialise in creating effortless, up to date, wardrobes.
My style packages enable you to make the best of your image.

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